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We are excited to introduce you to Mountain Wedding Solutions Elite Event Vendor Program, designed to elevate your business, expand your client base, and provide unparalleled support in the competitive wedding and event industry.

1. Introduction to the Program

Our program connects top-tier vendors with clients seeking exceptional services for their events. Acting as an Event Vendor Matchmaking Service, we streamline the process of finding the perfect vendors for every event, ensuring a seamless experience for both clients and vendors. This service is free for couples and is exclusively offered to elite vendors in the mountain area who pass our rigorous application and vetting process.

We help place vendors with the right clients by understanding their specific needs and matching them with the ideal vendor team. As a member, you will have access to valuable networking events, continuing education opportunities, and ongoing support.

2. Membership Options

We offer flexible membership options to suit your needs:

  • Annual Membership: Enjoy listing and promotional services for a flat fee of $225/year.

  • Commission-Based Membership: Opt to pay a 5% commission on any contracts secured through our referral program.

3. Application Process

Joining our program is straightforward:

  • Submission of Application: Complete your application through our online platform. $25 application fee. Will be added to your Membership upon approval.
  • Required Information: Fill out application and attach the required documentation. (application below)
  • Interview: Participate in a personal or virtual interview to discuss your experience and expectations.
  • Vetting Process: Undergo a background check, verification of business documents, and reviews from past clients and other vendors.

4. Services for Vendors

Our comprehensive services include

  • Profile Creation: We craft an engaging profile for our platform specifically for you

  • Marketing Support: Access to marketing tools and resources to boost your visibility.

  • Elite Networking group

5. Matching Vendors with Clients

We ensure the right match for every event

  • Client Requests: Clients seek planners, venues, and vendors through our programVendor Recommendations: We recommend appropriate vendors based on client needs.Coordination: Facilitate communication between clients and vendors.

6. Feedback and Quality Control

We maintain high service standards through:

  • Post-Event Feedback: Collecting feedback from clients and vendors.
  • Continuous Vetting: Periodic reviews to ensure a high-quality network.

7. Benefits for Vendors

Joining our program offers numerous advantages

  • Increased visibility and access to a broader client base.Marketing and promotional support.Opportunities for growth and business development.Educational opportunities and networking supportExclusive elite vendor/client community

8. Program Policies and Guidelines

We provide clear guidelines on commission rates, membership cancellation, and dispute resolution processes to ensure transparency and fairness.

9. Participation in Event Planning

For those interested, we offer:

  • Direct Planning: A pathway to become event coordinators or planners.Support and Training: Resources and training to expand your services.Travel arrangement assistance for your clients or yourself.

10. Conclusion and Call to Action

We invite you to apply to our program and unlock new business connections and opportunities. To apply or learn more, please visit our website or contact us at

Thank you for considering our Event Vendor Program. We look forward to supporting your business growth and success.


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Tell us the basics

We are thrilled about your interest in joining our Elite Vendor Network. Say goodbye to high membership costs and leads that don’t match your style! Our program is designed exclusively for top-tier vendors like you, ensuring that every lead is valuable and aligns with your business.

As a member, you will complete a detailed profile to ensure the leads you receive are the perfect fit for your services, setting us apart from other platforms.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Tell us more about your business

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Please upload a copy of your liability insurance or licenses you are required to have with the state in which you do business.

Application Fee $25

This fee will be credited to your subscription once approved. Application fee is non refundable if you are not approved for membership

Next Steps

Once your application has been submitted, please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. We will review your information and reach out with any questions. You will receive an email with a time to schedule your interview. Thank you for your interest in Mountain Wedding Solutions Elite Members Network

Code of Ethics

Mountain Wedding Solutions Elite Vendor Network Code of Ethics

As a member of the Mountain Wedding Solutions Elite Vendor Network, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and excellence. Our commitment to these principles ensures a trustworthy and exceptional experience for our clients and fellow vendors. All members agree to adhere to the following code of ethics:

1. Professional Integrity Conduct business in a fair, honest, and transparent manner. Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts to clients and fellow vendors. Honor all agreements, contracts, and commitments with clients and vendors.

2. Excellence in Service Deliver high-quality services and products that meet or exceed client expectations. Continuously strive to improve skills, knowledge, and services through education and professional development. Respond promptly and courteously to all client and vendor inquiries.

3. Respect and Fairness Treat all clients, vendors, and colleagues with respect, fairness, and professionalism. Foster an inclusive and diverse environment, free from discrimination and harassment. Honor client confidentiality and protect their privacy.

4. Transparency and Communication Provide clear, accurate, and timely information about services, pricing, and policies. Maintain open and honest communication with clients and vendors throughout the planning and execution of events. Address any issues or concerns promptly and seek to resolve them amicably.

5. Commitment to Ethical Marketing Promote services truthfully and without misrepresentation. Avoid deceptive practices, including false claims about skills, experience, or the quality of services. Respect intellectual property rights and avoid using copyrighted materials without permission.

6. Collaboration and Cooperation Work collaboratively with fellow vendors to ensure a seamless and successful event for clients. Share knowledge and resources to support the professional growth of all network members. Actively participate in network activities, including networking events and continuing education opportunities.

7. Environmental Responsibility Strive to implement sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of business operations. Educate clients and vendors about the benefits of sustainable event practices and encourage their adoption.

8. Continuous Improvement Seek feedback from clients and vendors to continuously improve services and business practices. Stay informed about industry trends, standards, and best practices to maintain a competitive edge. Commit to personal and professional growth through ongoing education and training.

9. Accountability Take responsibility for actions and decisions, and be willing to learn from mistakes. Report any unethical behavior or violations of this code to the network administrators. Cooperate fully with any investigations into ethical breaches and comply with any resulting actions or recommendations.

By adhering to this Code of Ethics, members of the Mountain Wedding Solutions Elite Vendor Network demonstrate their dedication to upholding the highest standards in the wedding industry, ensuring trust, quality, and excellence for all clients and fellow vendors.
I agree to and understand the terms of this application

Best regards,

Erika Sherek
Wedding and Event Consultant
Mountain Wedding Solutions